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Whenever you, or any one of us, is up against a limit, personally or professionally, and you have to grow beyond that limit, you are faced with the challenge of having to extend yourself into what you don’t already know. In other words, you have to expand your sense of who you are—at the level of your identity—in order to move forward.

But the need to grow often comes with resistance—you procrastinate, you justify, evade, maybe you even find yourself doing self-destructive behaviors. And the end result? You stay right where you are. You may feel like you are willing to move, but there is something in the way—something mysterious, maddening, even paralyzing.

That something, that block —we call it a holdback— is hidden in the unconscious dimension of your mind and, until you discover and uproot what it is, it will always have more power than your conscious plans and intentions.

So what’s the answer? How do people free themselves from unconscious holdbacks?

That’s where we come in.

We are Master Coaches with a combined 50 years’ experience as psychotherapists, seminar and workshop leaders, keynote speakers, corporate consultants, authors, and, of course, personal and professional coaches. We’ve each earned PhD’s in psychology, have trademarked our Fear of Being Fabulous orientation to unconscious holdbacks, and we enjoy a substantial list of national and international executives who understand the value that working with a master level coach can provide.

To our clients we bring our in depth approach to problem solving and identity change. The change we provide, in identifying the relevant aspects of our clients’ internal and external world, penetrates beyond surface techniques into their identity so that behavior change is organic and lasting. As a result our clients’ goals are not only achievable but fulfilling.

As an additional benefit Judith brings tactical insight while Jim provides a strategic point of view—assigning practical and immediate steps to advance your intention and strategic vision to fit your immediate goals and objectives situation into your overall career trajectory.

Drs. Sherven and Sniechowski are the perfect couple to help management, as well as employees, address problems with respect to human complexity in the workplace AND with an eye to less cost to the company. They are outstanding speakers: energetic, and powerful. They engage participants experientially, utilize humor and compassion, and keep the discussion at the level of everyday, practical reality.
Diane Beakey PhD

Director Training and Organizational Development, CIGNA HealthCare

Watch a FREE 3 minute video & find out why YOU ARE A MIRACLE. It’s a special celebration of YOU!