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Overcoming the Fear of Being Fabulous™

You’re successful. But there’s something missing. And you know it. You can feel it. If only you knew where to look. You’re about to discover what you’ve been looking for. A vision of what is possible—calling to you from deep within your heart, mind, and soul. What Is The Fear of Being Fabulous? It’s not about what you do. It’s about who you permit yourself to be. Open up your life . . . release your creativity . . . let your ambition free . . . re-ignite your determination . . . get the results that will set your heart pounding.Make everyday a triumph, living the life you dearly desire!

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Being Fabulous In Business

Being Fabulous in Business is the compilation of Drs. Judith Sherven and James Sniechowski’s transformational approach to overcoming the Imposter Syndrome – what they call The Fear of Being Fabulous ™. In their combined 50 plus years of experience coaching the best and brightest, including top executives at LinkedIn, Credit Karma, Unity Technologies, and Qualtrics, husband and wife psychology team Judith and Jim discovered that accomplished professionals from Directors to Vice Presidents to C-suite executives often experience deep-seated feelings of inadequacy despite substantial evidence of success that prevent them from fully realizing their professional and personal objectives.

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Change Your Life Collection

Want to expand your life from a variety of angles? Then you’ll be interested in Judith & Jim’s 6-part audio collection! Originally created as stand-alone programs, J & J have bundled them together to enhance their impact!

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Opening to Love 365 Days A Year

In a relationship or wanting to find the love of your life? You’ll enjoy knowing, in depth, how you can increase the love in your life! Every day for a year receive in your email a practical, fun tip on how to increase the love and romance you share in your relationship!

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Smart Dating

When you become a smart dater you’ll attract only the people who are right for you! We know you’re looking for something . . . some way that will work. It’s a way of dating we’ve developed and proven . . . to ourselves through our own dating (and we’ve been married for 19 years) . . . and through the countless men and women who’ve attended our seminars and been our coaching clients during that time. Because the Smart Dating package goes deep into the heart of what makes dating work . . . every time . . . without fail. Smart Dating For Success Every Time – Guaranteed is FOR YOU only if you want to turn dating into an experience that leads to finding The One you’re looking for. If that’s what you want . . . trust yourself.

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What a treat to experience two professionals with extensive backgrounds in human analysis and who, with honesty and humor, provide a personally proven way to go forward, beyond the blocks and holdbacks other programs cannot touch. Judith & Jim are a remarkable couple who willingly bring us into their orbit so we can embrace and actually live our fabulous lives!

Sy Joffe
CEO, One World Medicine Las Vegas, NV

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