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“Who do you think you are?”

“Don’t get a swelled head!”

“Remember where you came from.”

“Think you’re too good for us?”

“People like us don’t go to places like that.”

That list of hold-backs could go on and on.

And every one of us—including you— has been subjected to some form of commandment to NOT break out beyond where you came from, to not leave your “station” in order to be truly fabulous.

Whether it came from a demanding and controlling parent, a terrified and anxious teacher, an abusive coach, or any number of relatives, romantic partners, or so-called friends who didn’t know any better . . . the damage happened anyway.

And what’s the damage . . .?

A smaller life than you know could be yours.

Perhaps you feel limited in what you can do in your career, where or whether you can go to college or get specialized professional training, even
who you can love.

The damage may have spread to your bank account, your health and fitness, and even how you dress and carry yourself in the world.

But here’s the good news . . .

No matter your age, no matter where you’re at, we assure you it’s never too late to bust out of that internal prison that’s been holding you back.

The fact is, now your life is yours to design.

Yes, it is.

And you are truly free to design it any way you want.

That’s an idea that may feel like a betrayal of where you came from and what you’ve believed was true your whole life.

And your freedom may come with some fearful challenges.

But, hey, why live in bondage to what others taught you?

So we want to offer a few tips to help support you in your willingness, your commitment to Be Free To Be Fabulous.

1) Recognize that you are unique. One-of-a-kind unique.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter what anyone else has accomplished, what anyone else owns, does, or is.

All that matters is what you need to accomplish and experience so you can enjoy the specific Fabulous Life that is yours, truly yours.

2) Notice if anyone in your life is determined to keep you back, whether relative or friend.

If someone (or several someones) cannot cheer you on, cannot support your dream, then those relationships are toxic. Truly, truly toxic, because they poison and undermine your desire.

As difficult as it may seem, distance yourself from those hold-you-back-relationships and make room for new, more expanded and more alive people who can appreciate who you truly are.

3) Take one step tomorrow that would propel you a little bit closer to your Fabulous Life.

It doesn’t matter what it is, only that it heads you in the right direction, and that you take the step.

Do it! Bravo!

You are that much closer to Being Free to Be Fabulous!

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