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Yep! That photo above is me – Judith Sherven! Having a bit of fun at LinkedIn one day a couple of years ago when I saw a (plastic) Nordic warrior “crown” sitting on a shelf and since I’m 1/4 Norwegian and 1/4 Swedish I just had to put it on.

It looked so great my husband Jim wanted to get a photo. While I was getting ready a young man nearby said that I needed to be in front of a red wall and directed us around the corner. And what you can see in the photo, is that same young man also put a giant plastic toy gun in my hands to complete the image of a contemporary Viking! LOL

It was all great silliness! And since the photo is so fun, we framed it and it hangs in my home office – reminding me that you’re never too old to play!

I’m looking forward to learning what you do to have fun and be silly! Please do respond.

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