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You wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t desire a larger, more fabulous life. And you’re no doubt going after it in this way and that.

But are you ready, really really ready to change your identity? To see yourself in a new, more successful, more attractive, more loved kind of way?

Larger Success always comes with a price, even a loss. Because you have to, you absolutely must give up who you’ve known yourself to be in order to become someone new.

That means you’ll necessarily be changing how others see you and relate to you. It means you’ll have to change the actual quality of your current relationships.

You’ll be saying good-bye to some of your history, allowing it to stay on only as a memory, no longer a daily drag or limitation. You’ll be opening to new discoveries as a regular, thrilling element of continually moving forward.

And sometimes you’ll hesitate, not quite sure of your footing in this new land, when before you knew every square inch of the turf you’d “walked” so many thousands of times.

So Success is seldom, if ever, the “whisked into wonder” that we imagine. It requires our willingness to overcome our loyalty, our allegiance, to what has been and surrender into a new identity.

And we’ll cheer you on as you cross the river from your old life onto the fertile soil of your new life, your new identity . . . the one you’ve been dreaming of, yearning for . . . see it there?

Just make the step over that river.

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