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How often do you hold yourself back because it’s not yet “perfect”? It could be a presentation for your team or the leaders at work. It could be a message you want to send to all of your customers. It could be a meal you want to serve at a get together of your Covid-pod. It could be the book idea you’ve been chewing on and would love to get your friends’ input. It could be anything.

Yet you excuse yourself from this version of The Imposter Syndrome by telling yourself and anyone who will listen that “I’m just a lifelong procrastinator” as if that explains it all.

But, of course, it doesn’t. Because it doesn’t help you wrestle to the ground of your identity what is REALLY going on—which is The Fear Of Being Fabulous. Yes, you know somewhere in your identity that you are quite capable, bright in fact, attractive in your own unique way. But the unconscious gremlins of The Imposter Syndrome keep driving you back into fantasies of perfection! So you are never ever good enough.

Well, if you are ready to say “Phooey on that!” let’s examine how you can live with “good enough” and get your life moving forward.

First – there is no such thing as perfect. Period. There is only and ever your best at this time and place.

Second – nothing can change in your life unless and until you put yourself out into the world, taking risks, rising up to challenges, moving forward.

Third – you can’t know in advance how The Universe will bless your life in unimagined ways when you do move out and beyond your illusion of perfection.

So, now, what will you do today “imperfectly” that you have been putting off?

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Previously published on Linkedin Influencers 3/6/21

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