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What’s it like to be a good writer? Really? How do you learn to write good reports, good blog posts, or even a book? That’s what I’ll be addressing in my next several Influencer posts.

So to start, here are some serious questions:

  • What’s the day-to-day professional pressure to write really like?
  •  What’s it like when everything is flowing?
  • What’s it like when you have to pull teeth to get a sentence on paper?

I don’t want to simply talk about the craft of writing but about the work of it. And I’ll be reporting on my current work writing a “based on reality” fictional trilogy as I am doing it. The theme of my trilogy is the challenges of growing up, whatever your age.

I’m going to do this not just to support your development as a writer, but also because I fully expect it will make me a better writer for the effort.

As I’m here at the edge of this project, I have no real idea what will happen. Sure, I have ideas and I, no doubt, will put many of them on these pages. But the depth of what will happen, that’s another story.

I’ll write about the good times and the bad times:

  • When words fall into place and I sit back and read effective, even beautiful, sentences;
  • When I just don’t hit a wall but merge with the wall so I feel like I’m inside of it and can’t get out, forward or back.
  • Is that “writer’s block?” I don’t think so. I can always write my way out of jams. It’s more than that. It happens when I feel lost, when I don’t have a feel for the purpose of the story so I don’t know what to do next.
  • Am I procrastinating?
  • Waiting for inspiration?
  • What the hell is happening?

So, the first thing I will address is, how comfortable are you with revealing yourself in your writing? If you don’t put yourself into your writing, your writing will remain just that — empty. Even business writing is personal at least in your style, which is another way of saying “your voice.” So, that’s it… good, fluid effective communication through your writing, that’s what I’ll be writing about for a while.

Through my trilogy I call The Leaving Home Trilogy, I invite you to join me by leaving your Questions, Comments, and Experiences. I hope you will.

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