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If you’re successful, ambitious, and have plenty of energy it can be a challenge to take down time. You may not find it fun to meditate, read, or work in the garden.

But eventually you’re going to find yourself running on empty and maybe even suffering physical challenges from all that hard driving.

I’m not just writing theory here – I’m a doer – I love to DO, DO, DO! And then eventually I find that I’m drained, exhausted, sometimes even fed up with life – as if it’s life’s fault. But, of course, life is just life. It’s been me that’s not giving myself proper re-fueling.

Ask yourself, what do you genuinely enjoy—for pleasure? Not work, not to make money, not to build your reputation—for rest and pleasure?

It may be cooking, watching a movie, writing poetry, dancing, playing with your dog. My husband Jim truly enjoys going to the gym (that’s not my thing for enjoyment though I can do it for health reasons).

What do you enjoy doing with friends? Some people love to play card/table games. Others prefer campling and/or fishing. And some really feel rejuvenated after a weekend out of town.

Whatever it may be, I encourage you to put in your calendar “down times” specifically for you.

Please contribute your favorite things!

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