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“Work Life Balance” is a big phrase in corporate-speak. Often people assume it refers to work and family life balance. But what about your personal Rest and Relaxation?

How well do you carve out time to walk in nature, meditate, play games/sports with friends, read just for fun, go to the movies/jazz club/symphony/museum etc. —anything that can renew your enjoyment of life?

All too often people tell me they’re too consumed with the demands of work or their family to be able to give themselves over to true relaxation and renewal. You’ve probably heard these people referred to as workaholics.

But I suggest that deeper forces are probably driving this kind of behavior. If this applies to you (or anyone you know):

*** Were you raised to feel guilty about enjoying yourself?

*** Did your upbringing routinely emphasize how difficult life could be?

*** Was “family” an obligation rather than a pleasure?

I could go on and on – but no need. You get the gist.

So, take a few moments to scan your relationship with fun, play, rest, relaxation, and any other element of self-care that may not currently be a high priority. What do you notice?

I look forward to your Comments! Thanks in advance.

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