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So many people believe that everything will simply unfold after they graduate from college, get married, have kids OR they live to “retire.”

Many people turn up their noses at personal growth, career coaching, marital counseling—as if it’s only weak or disturbed people who need professional help to facilitate and augment their lives, their careers, their marriages, their parenting skills.

But since you are reading this, we know it doesn’t apply to you! Congratulations! You are among the tribe of wise and open individuals who want the most form life—the very most!

And that means, you never stop growing!

So we encourage you, no matter your age or stage of career/family life, to chart out your Vision of what you would still like to accomplish by further developing yourself. And if you want to have a larger impact on the world, what is your Mission statement for that impact?

This is not the same thing as a Bucket List – where you include all the fun things you want to do and explore before you leave the planet.

So, to reiterate, this is exclusively a Vision Statement of how you plan to grow in order to experience more of yourself as you go forward. What kinds of activities are you going to challenge yourself to get involved with?

*** Perhaps you’ll write a book, begin giving workshops or lectures, or you’ll travel to out of the way places that will challenge your comfort zone.

*** Maybe you’ll get involved in neighborhood projects that help with climate change, diversity and inclusion, and/or fund-raising for your local schools.

*** Maybe you’ll create a self-improvement/longevity program for yourself and any family and friends who want to join you in daily exercise, weight loss, and healthy eating—with the intention to live to at least 100 and beyond.

Those are just a few ideas to help you imagine what could be appropriately added to your Vision Statement.

And, as we said, if what you are going to do will have an impact on the neighborhood, a segment of the population, or the world at large — then make sure to also develop a Mission Statement, as part of what you’ll be doing will be “mission driven”!

It’s never too late to grow, to develop who you are!

And now, if that thought triggers self-doubt, emphasizes that niggling Imposter Syndrome still lurking at the back of your mind, then make sure you determine to grow out of it and get rid of it so you can open yourself to a much larger life than you’ve been living!

Because when you commit yourself to never stop growing, then innumerable possibilities start to enter your imagination and unexpected opportunities reveal themselves that you might otherwise ignore.

So starting today, make a point of noticing small, medium, or even large opportunities that you would usually ignore or automatically say “no” to – that could change your life in a positive manner if you, instead, said “yes!”

And, what if you started making “Yes” a habitual part of your identity? What if???

And if you need help in overcoming any sense of the Imposter Syndrome or other feelings of self-doubt that have held you back, make sure to work with our new 4-hour L&D audio/workbook program “Being Fabulous In Business”! www.beingFabulousinBusiness.com

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Previously published as a LinkedIn Influencer article July 2021.

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