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Can Being Fabulous in Business Overcome the Imposter Syndrome?

All too often people suffer from the fear that if they own their excellence, their success, they will be seen as arrogant, and/or they will “get a big head.” But those fears come, not from sincerely owning being fabulous in business, but instead from inflating their self-image as a defense against their insecurity.

When you sincerely own who you are, what you can do, who you can influence there is no need for inflation, and no need for false modesty. You ARE someone who is comfortable being fabulous in business and that deep self-awareness overcomes any sense of The Imposter Syndrome.

When negative head talk undermines your sense of excellence and procrastination results from perfectionism you are suffering from The Imposter Syndrome whether you know it or not. The challenge is to get out of your own way and allow yourself to truly be fabulous in business.

Number one challenge: refuse to hold back. Whether it’s speaking up at a meeting, volunteering to spearhead the solution to a problem, or meeting with the CEO about a staffing complaint DO IT. Yes, DO IT.

Allow yourself to be fabulous in business!

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Previously published on Linkedin Influencers 3/1/21

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