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What is the Relationship Between Perfection and the Imposter Syndrome?

For starters let’s take a look at the simple definition of perfection.

Perfection: excellent or complete beyond practical or theoretical improvement.

What thought comes to mind for you when you read this definition?

First – do you think it is possible to achieve a state of excellence that is beyond practical or theoretical improvement or, said in another way, beyond change?

Beyond practical OR theoretical change?

In this world of ongoing and never-ending change, is such a state of permanent changelessness possible, even imaginable? The idea of perfection i.e., beyond practical OR theoretical change in our world is a highest order and devastating contradiction.

Second — The Imposter Syndrome is a chronic state of disbelief and distrust in one’s own competence, one’s own abilities and potential for achievement. It’s hard and, at the extreme, impossible to persuade a person with a deeply held Imposter Syndrome to acknowledge and accept their achievements /successes/talents.

Now here’s where perfection and Imposter Syndrome come together.

If a person believes in and is dedicated to perfection that belief, that dedication will cut him or her off at the knees, because he or she is chasing the impossible. sThe fallout of which is a trail of doubt and insecurity – in other words the Imposter Syndrome.

So, what’s the solution?

Perfection, must go—be banished, not transformed, pressed or squeezed until it is removed from your psyche. This doesn’t mean that you lower the bar, that you stop reaching for the best you can envision and manifest. You look at the facts of your strengths and successes, the praise you receive from others and you ingest the facts of the reality of your accomplishments not the outdated fears and crippling fantasies you keep hidden away in the recesses of your mind—your unconscious. Step to the edges of your comfort zone and step out beyond it. That step is what my wife and partner Judith Sherven, PhD call Overcoming the Fear of Being Fabulous.

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