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I am deeply interested in fiction writing as well as what writers encounter as they write. So I’m looking for a FB group formed by writers discussing their writing; not just the content of their stories, which will of course happen. But also what do writers run into:

what gives the most pleasure

what are the greatest rewards (commercial and spiritual)? What about writers

who writes novels, short stories, screen plays,

I just heard Terry Gross on her show “Fresh Air” interview Philip Roth – author of Portnoy’s Complaint, Goodbye, Columbus, American Pastoral among his canon of work. When Terry asked him how do you write? Do you lay out stories before you begin writing? What’s your approach? I was thrilled to hear him say that he allows the story to tell him what to do. That’s the way I write. I listen to my characters who are placed in very specific situations and then I listen to what they have to say and where they want to go and in that way every sentence is a revelation. I would love to connect with other writers–do you work this way? If so, why? Do you work another way, and if so, why? I’d love to begin this conversation with you! Well, that’s it for now. Thanks!

PS – I also want to hear from readers of fiction.

** What do you like about fiction?

** How are you rewarded by reading fiction?

** Which authors have you found that you really like? And of course, I hope you’ll check out my new release Worship of Hollow Gods! https://tinyurl.com/y8xw4ht9

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