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To live a fabulous life means far more than just succeeding in your career, in your love life, your health and wealth.

And you know that’s true when you catch a glimpse of depression in the uneasy smile and the awkward posture of someone who isn’t comfortable in “having it all.”

It goes against everything you want to believe when the evidence of a lack of contentment seeps through the forced laughter, the anxious, driven conversation of someone who’s attained much
success yet hasn’t grown into BEING successful.

That’s why, whether success has come easy to you or not, and no matter what areas of your life may be in full blossom, when it comes to your spiritual awareness and development, worldly success itself
isn’t actually the point.

The spiritual gift of success prompts you to become aware — to pay keen attention to any discomfort you may feel with being so large in the world.

** Do you wrestle with guilt that others lack what you have?

** Are you embarrassed to wear expensive clothing, or drive your fancy car?

** Are you worried that what you have makes you look like you’re showing off?

** Do you play down the rich blessings of your marriage when talking with those who struggle just to endure their legal or live-in relationships – because at the heart you know those relationships have never had the vitality, the awesome magnetism of the real love you enjoy?

If you said yes to any or all of these, you are squandering the spiritual elegance that comes with a truly fabulous life. You are guilty of playing to your shame, to your self-consciousness rather than to a hungry world bereft of role-models who embody the full success of life — who live fully alive.

As you advance in your achievements, in the true and full expression of who you really are, keep in mind that you are expressing . . . not ego, not arrogance, not better-than-thou. You are increasingly an expression of The Source.

And then your only job is to be you. Fabulous You!

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