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Someone we know – Rex Wisehart — recently took advantage of our new program “Being Fabulous In Business

He sent us huge gratitude for helping him see that he has never been failing…always succeeding…the question is at what!?

Here’s a reduced quote:

“…I’ve felt mildly stuck the past few years. Nothing serious, I erroneously thought… I’m getting old. Then I bought Judith and Jim’s “Being Fabulous in Business” 4-hour audio course. WOW!

I consumed the course and was rolling along until I hit Segment 5, specifically Section 5.7 – ‘Tips for Redefining Failure.’

It was like that section of the course didn’t kick me in the head… it kicked me about 3 feet lower in the body! It hit me so hard I was both catatonic and moved in ways I can’t describe. The Drs. J were talking directly to me… and teaching me solutions to problems I had no idea I had!

I put the course down for a couple of weeks and thought about what I had just learned. I NEVER do that… but their teachings hit me that hard.

I gleefully completed the rest of this brilliant work yesterday… and am on fire!

Thank you, Judith and Jim!”

SO, don’t wait! Give yourself this uplifting and expansive treat for this 4-hour audio Learning & Development program with workbook and transcripts!


Judith Sherven, PhD and her husband Jim Sniechowski, PhD, executive coaches for major tech companies as well as start-ups, have developed a penetrating perspective on people’s resistance to success, which they call The Fear of Being Fabulous. Recognizing the power of unconscious programming to always outweigh conscious desires, they assert that no one is ever failing. They are always succeeding. The question is, at what?

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